2012 Outside the Walls Projects

Provided below is a listing of projects undertaken by Outside the Walls during 2012 in Washington County Indiana.

12-31 Rent Denied
12-32 Rent Denied
12-33 Ramp
12-34 Energy Assistance
12-35 Mobile Home Repair
12-36 Energy Assistance
12-37 Energy Assistance
12-38 Rent Denied
12-39 Energy Reconnect Denied
12-40 Propane assistance
12-41 Homeless

Elizabeth Street Park Shelter House
Fall 2012
Volunteers from Outside the Walls Washington County, First Christian Church, Good Samaritan Inn along with the City of Salem Parks and Recreation Dept. recently came together to build a Shelter House in the Elizabeth Street Park in Salem. A ribbon-cutting ceremony and cookout at the new Elizabeth Street Park Shelter will take place on Friday, September 28th 2012 from 12:00noon-1:00pm.

12-29   Water Heater
12-30   Mobile Home Repair

12-23   Roof Repair
12-24   Roof Repair
12-25   Water Heater
12-26   Home Expenses
12-27   Energy Assistance
12-28   Water Heater

Handicapped Accessible Wheelchair Ramp Project
Summer 2012

12-12    Energy Assistance
12-13    Wheelchair Ramp
12-14    Wheelchair Ramp
12-15    Utilities --no funds
12-16    Home Repair - Denied
12-17    Energy Assistance
12-18    Apartment
12-19    Home Repair - Denied
12-20    Energy Assistance
12-21    Energy Assistance
12-22    Home Repair

To Washington Co Outside the Walls:

The other month your group installed a fence on our back patio to keep our 2 schnauzers in.  I have a light part time job at my grandson's business, answering the phone and collecting rent on his rental property.  When I am gone, my wife is very unstable on her feet.  When she tries to walk the dogs, she has fallen down several times, and has had a hard time getting up.

You cannot believe how this fence has helped us, with our dogs and keeping my wife from falling down.  The dogs are happy and we are happy with our fenced in area for our pets.

We want to say Thank You for what you have done for us.  Here are 3 pictures of the project.

Also thank you Mr Ray for the great job.

Name Withheld

12-09    Wheelchair Ramp
12-10    Energy Assistance
12-11    Rent

12-04    Water Bill
12-05    Rent - Denied   
12-06    Energy Assistance
12-07    Energy Assistance
12-08    Energy Assistance

Handicapped Accessible Wheelchair Ramp Project
Spring 2012

12-01    Firewood
12-02    Firewood
12-03    Wheelchair Ramp - Denied
199       Project on Hold
208       Home Repair - Denied
12-03A  Energy Assistance by Trustee
210       Home Repair 
211       Health Department
214       Dog Pen
12-01A  Water Leak Repair
12-02A  Energy Assistance
150       Yard Mowing
195       Electric Clothes Dryer