Welcome to Outside the Walls Washington County!

Outside the Walls (OTW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to unifying Washington County, Indiana through a community outreach program. Our community outreach program includes emergency assistance in the form of shelter, utilities, counseling and referral services. There are approximately 25 current service providers in Washington County, Indiana. These organizations work tirelessly to offer the best service possible, but the need in our community is so great and resources so limited some deserving residents fail to receive the assistance they need.  Outside the Walls works in conjunction with existing service providers to bridge the gaps for the people of Washington County, Indiana and also to assist the community service providers in fund raising, grant requests and other related efforts.

Families that have been on solid financial ground for many years may without warning find themselves with financial problems due to salary reductions, business downsizing and complete loss of employment. The bills keep coming but the paychecks may not. Outside the Walls is here to help by providing resource referrals and when possible economic short-term support to help the get the residents of our county back on their feet again. We also provide budgetary guidance to help our residents find ways of keeping their assets.

Many senior citizens in Washington County are also very susceptible to economic conditions. Fixed incomes force seniors to make difficult decisions about unexpected expenses. Unexpected costs such as failing furnaces and hot water heaters often leave seniors having to cut back on food or medicine in order to cover these unexpected expenses. Our seniors have spent their lives making Washington County Indiana a better place. Outside the Walls is here to ensure our seniors don't live in fear of not having food to put on the table or live in squalor due to lack of financial resources.

Any resident of Washington County, Indiana can contact Outside the Walls and we will do everything within our power to get them the help they need. We want all residents of Washington County to live a positive and self-sustaining life.


"Dear members of Outside The Walls, thank you very much for your help on our bathroom floor.  I was so desperate and didn't know how I was going to fix the huge hole before winter.  I reached out to you and feel so very blessed.  Bob did and excellent job and my sons and I couldn't be more grateful.  I will not forget your kindness."